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The Doherty Hotel opened in the 1920's and almost immediately became notorious.

A hotbed of activity during Prohibition, the hotel became a speakeasy - a place where the alcohol flowed, the gambling was rampant, and the women were easy. It was a perfect place for the mobsters to hang out.....including the infamous Purple Gang.

Does this mean there were murders that took place at the Doherty? Yup; many gangland murders occurred there. In particular, one in 1938 when oil promoter Jack Livingston shot & killed his cousin, Purple Gang lawyer/businessman Isaiah Leebove in the "Tap Room" hotel bar. It's believed Isaiah's ghost is one of the spirits that haunt the hotel, along with the Doherty family matriarch, Helen Doherty.

Guests, visitors, investigators, employees and the owners have all had some kind of experience at the hotel: Helen's perfume scent wafts thru occasionally, loud knocking, bedroom doors open and close by themselves, and dark apparitions & shadowy figures have been spotted anywhere from the lobby to the top floor. Also the spirits of other murder victims roam the halls, lobby and rooms...some can be seen, others prefer to just make noise.

Go see for yourself, if you're not scared of possibly experiencing your own paranormal activity...the Doherty Hotel is located at 604 North McEwan in Clare.

Get more info on the Doherty Hotel...and book yourself a night, if yer not afraid...on their website by CLICKING HERE.

Also, check out a video of a couple of guys who uncovered the underground tunnel used by the Purple Gang that led out of the Doherty Hotel...just CLICK HERE and watch this one-minute+ clip.


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