Kids say it enough...."I'm bored" when in most cases they are just being lazy.  Dogs on the other hand, they do get bored living live in a cage until they are adopted.

The Ingham County Animal Shelter Director, Heidi Williams, said that the shelter does a good job of taking care of the physical needs of the animals in their care, but they need more. Otherwise its a pretty boring life for them.

Williams said they are also trying to enrich their mental well-being. Things like peanut butter on Frisbees, spray cheese for inside kongs, snacks hidden in empty cereal boxes and other things.

Requested items can be dropped off at the shelter in Mason. You can give them a call before you head out to make sure you have what's needed.

In January, the shelter had three dog houses to offer to outdoor animals for families who otherwise could not afford the housing.  After a plea for more houses, the animal shelter ended up with 40.

If you are not in a position to adopt a pet you can always drop off food, litter, or one of the many items they need on a daily basis.  For more information, contact the shelter.

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