We all know it's pothole season in the Greater Lansing area, and that's due to an earlier freeze and thaw cycle here in Michigan.

I wrote an article about potholes a while back explaining what kind of damage potholes can cause to your automobile, and hopefully that article was helpful.

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The reason I'm writing a follow up article is because these horrible potholes are multiplying at a much faster pace.

What we need as soon as possible is for our road crews to get back out there and start patching as many potholes as humanly possible.

I've seen way too many roads lately with not one or two, but at least half a dozen potholes in a row. I don't like driving down the road swerving to the right and left just to avoid these menacing potholes.

I was driving to Spare Time Bowling Entertainment Center the other day and noticed too many on the road just west of Spare Time. I counted close to twelve potholes all spaced apart.

The roads aren't getting any better by any means, they're getting much worse.

According to the Lansing State Journal:

Potholes are formed by moisture that seeps into the pavement during warmer months, which freezes and expands during sudden cold. When temperatures rise again, it melts, forming gaps in the asphalt, which is weakened by tire travel and eventually caves, creating the seasonal villains.

Interesting to say the least. Maybe I could get enough cash together and purchase an electric tank, or find someone to build one because that's what my car feels like every time I go through the land of potholes.

I guess for now Michigan drivers have to pay very close attention to our Lansing area roads and try to avoid potholes at all costs. Potholes can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your vehicle. Be careful and use caution.

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