Welcome to summer and get ready to go on your family vacation.  This summer, my wife and I are taking the kids to Oscoda, Michigan.  It's a very fun family destination including lots of swimming in Lake Huron.

USA Today is asking this question:  Do you exercise on vacation?  I can honestly say the only exercise we get during our vacation is when we go swimming.  Swimming is a great form of exercise that works every muscle in your body.

According to USA Today:  44 percent don't work out while on vacation.  23 percent intend to but rarely do. 20 percent say always and 12 percent never work out or go on vacation.

Vacations are meant to be fun for the whole family.  In most cases, I'm sure one way or another, people get some form of exercise whether it's walking, biking, swimming or a round of golf.  Have a great summer and enjoy your family vacation no matter what you do.