When you think of anything Disney related, I'm sure it puts a smile on your face. I've been to Disney World and Disneyland several times and loved every minute of it.

We saw it all including Tinker Bell and the Wonderful World of Disney!

Are you ready for this? You can now purchase adorable masks featuring your favorite Disney characters like Baby Yoda, Mickey Mouse, Frozen, Black Panther, and more, which are currently only available for pre-order.

Disney will be donating one million cloth face masks to those in underserved and vulnerable communities across the United States that will be distributed via MedShare.

The company has already raised $1 million from the mask sales that will also be donated to MedShare, which will help the medical community's efforts to give lifesaving care.

According to USA Today, these masks would make a good face mask cover for healthcare workers, and could be ideal for children who refuse to wear a mask.

These Disney masks come in different sizes. They include small, medium, and large.

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