In a world riddled with virtual gaming and computer-generated monsters & special effects, Dinosaur Gardens in Ossineke is a refreshing change and a nostalgic throwback to what family outings used to be.

These days, “family togetherness” usually means “each family member in his or her own room gaming or watching a screen”. Family Togetherness at Dinosaur Gardens really is what it says. The whole family can take their time walking through the park and seeing all the monster dinosaurs. Right there in your face.....NOT on a screen.

Dinosaur Gardens opened way back in 1935 under the name “Paul Domke’s Garden and Prehistoric Zoo" and later “Domke's Gardens”. From there the ball got rolling, the people kept coming, and it still exists today for all to enjoy. Read a lot more about the creation of Dinosaur Gardens by CLICKING HERE.

Kids love, there's a souvenir shop with all things dino, a mini golf course, you can pan for gemstones, dig for fossils, and enjoy refreshments. According to their webpage, the land is “loaded with huge, low land ferns, majestic trees and a natural stream running through it that is full of history and wildlife”.

Yes, there are safety guidelines for covid-19 so you can enjoy the park this year. Check out their website for days & times!

Located at 11160 U.S. 23 South in Ossineke!


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