Taco Bell Celebrates Return of Nacho Fries and Demolition Man 25th Anniversary With Futuristic Dining Experience
Getty Images for Taco Bell

The idea of a nice evening out with good food and adult beverages now will include certain Taco Bell Restaurants.

By the end of this year, Taco Bell (love their food) plans to open 100 new restaurants, and by the end of 2022 that number will increase to one thousand new restaurants.

One third of the new Taco Bell's will be Urban-in-Line or Cantina's, which means that you can get booze while eating those nacho fries or whatever else is your favorite.

The new Cantina locations are going up in what they call 'highly walkable areas', in areas like Chicago and New York.   Most of those locations do not have a drive through, butthey do have open kitchens inside and will feature local art work and modern designs.  Menu's at the Cantina locations will include tapas-style food options as well as beer, wine, sangria and alcoholc Freezes.

Date nights at Taco Bell, are now a Thing!!


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