What's the most irritating thing about Dimondale? Typing out the name on your keyboard, and spellcheck keeps changing it to “DIAMONDALE”. Sheesh.

Other than that, nothing. I always dig visiting Dimondale – to see friends, eat at the downtown cafe' (when it's open) and enjoying the atmosphere.

Before Dimondale was founded in 1840, the land was inhabited by the Potawatomi tribe.  Once the natives were forced to leave, thanks to 1830s Indian Removal Act, Isaac Dimond arrived around 1848 and built a dam, grist mill, and sawmill along the Grand River.

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In 1856, the community was named after Dimond.
In 1873, the LS & MS Railroad came barreling through town.
In 1906, it finally became an incorporated village.

Take a look at the photo gallery below, featuring some cool “then-and-now” photos of Dimondale...then maybe take a roadtrip over and pay a visit.

…..and don't spell it with an “a”.



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