Many thought Snow White's gravestone was lost for good. However, earlier this month, the gravestone of an 18th century baroness, believed to be the inspiration for the fairy tale Snow White has surfaced in Germany.

According to Fox News, a museum in Southern Germany announced the rediscovery of Sophia Maria von Erthal's gravestone. Many thought that it was lost for good, until it recently re-emerged privately and was turned over to the Museum.

Sophia Maria was born into an aristocratic family in 1725, and her father owned a mirror factory. Her story does play out a bit like a fairy tale. After the death of her mother, her father remarried and the young baroness and stepmother did not have a good relationship.

The family apparently did have a 'family mirror' and it was inscribed with ''self love." The museum also noted that the presence of mines in the local area may have fed into the fairy tale of Snow White. In those mines worked children along with minors, which could point to the seven dwarfs. And you had to cross seven hills to get to the mine!

Some 60 years after the death of Sophia Maria, the Brothers Grimm traveled to the area and heard about the story. Many believe that is where the story of Snow White began.

Source: Fox News

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