There may not be much we, as a country, as a state, as a populous as a whole, that we can agree on. That's why when you find something that truly unites us, it needs to be heard.

Michigan Road Trips Mean 1 Thing to the Majority of People


Food. Snacks. Nuggies. Num nums. However you refer to it, eating on a road trip is something nearly all of us can agree on. HI-CHEW, billed as "The Famous Chewy Candy From Japan", enlisted One-Poll to ask Americans about their road trip habits and found that 38% looked forward to the snacks the most. More people looked forward to the food on a vacation than the company of travel companions (34%), or the stops along the way (30%) according to

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What were the findings when it came to favorite snacks?

Respondents are grabbing chips (47%), cookies (44%), and candy (42%)

Here's where we all ALMOST agree: 71% of the 2,005 adults polled agreed that road trips are a snacking hall pass! That means you can eat whatever you want and calories don't count...well at least that's what we fool ourselves into believing. This belief is so deeply ingrained in our being that 44% of people think it's rude to ban eating in the car when on the road.


So pack up, buckle up, and getty up, cause it's time to hit the road and the snacks! Just don't get your hopes up for a shake, chances are the ice cream machine is down anyway.

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Best just to grab some trail mix, Funyons, Twizzlers, or whatever tickles your road trip fancy, and be sure to empty your trash when you fill up.

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