Even though millions of people traveled the highways over the Memorial Day weekend, many more decided to stay home for what we call a stay-cation!  My wife, Lori and I stayed home with the kids and had a blast doing whatever we chose to do over the 3 day weekend.

We did everything from landscaping to bike riding and of course we grilled steaks, hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill.  We even went to NCG Eastwood Cinemas to see Melissa McCarthy in "The Boss."  McCarthy is so funny!

Family time is one of the most important times where you can come up with just about anything to do with your family.  Even my daughter talked me into playing a game of basketball in the driveway.

We walked a lot over the weekend, at least 2 miles throughout our neighborhood and there were quite a few people doing the same thing.  I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend and just think, schools out for most students on June 10.  That only means one thing, spending more quality time with your family.