Officials and parents are looking for answers following reports that students at Dewitt Junior High school formed a human wall to block minority students from getting to their destinations the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 9.

Officials have identified at least three racially charged incidents that took place at the school, said Dewitt Public Schools Superintendent John Deiter.

Corina Gonzalez says her 12 year old daughter, who is Hispanic, was stopped from going to her locker Wednesday morning by a group of boys who told her to go back to her country and that they were going to "make America great again."

School Principal Keith Cravotta sent an email to parents on Wednesday that said, in part: "After the school day, it was brought to our attention that some students made a choice to act in a disrespectful manner on the way into the school building this morning.  Our initial understanding is that the situation was related to the presidential election."  Here's more from the Lansing State Journal.