The Dewey Lake Monster is basically a different name for a bigfoot-type creature, except this one has been seen near Dewey Lake in Dowagiac.

It sounds like it may be a tad taller than the "usual" Michigan Bigfoot, measuring in at approximately ten feet tall, massively covered with fur and weighing a quarter of a ton. Other witnesses claim it has scales, enjoys being underwater and has long sharp claws, like a bear's. Footprints have been found, showing the imprint of huge claws on a wide foot.

Dewey Lake Monster-mania took place in the summer of 1964, when sightings of this creature became national news. After the news outlets pinpointed the monster's stomping grounds as 15 miles of swampland from Dowagiac to Decatur, people from around the U.S. descended upon Dowagiac, searching for the creature. This onslaught of thrill & publicity seekers brought many faked photographs and bogus plaster cast footprints.

Law enforcement officers could not come up with any concrete evidence of such a beast, but sightings had been reported by respected, honest townspeople. Other reports say this brute can be just plain mean and destroy private property, like smashing parked cars and overturning them. Brush, plants and foliage has been found in the woods, broken, formed and shaped into what could be construed as a 'nest' or resting place.

Researchers haven't pooh-poohed the possibility of the Dewey Lake Monster, based on 30 legit reports that have come in over the decades.


Wanna explore for yourself? be my guest.

Wanna see a depiction of what someone thinks this beast looks like? Check out the video below:


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