The 2024 NFL Draft is upon us and is taking place in the Motor City for the first time. Somewhat surprisingly from a historical perspective, the Detroit Lions will be making their first selection with the 29th overall pick.

The Lions come into the Draft needing defensive help, particularly against the passing game. Detroit ranked 27th in the league against passing offenses, allowing 247 yards per game through the air. They also allowed the sixth most passing touchdowns and tied for 8th-worst in sacks with just 41.

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They could use help with a pass rusher to pair with Aidan Hutchinson or a cornerback. An elite player at either position will be hard to come by without trading up.

Still, the Lions have strung together some mightily successful drafts in recent years with general manager Brad Holmes.

Last year's selections with Jahmyr Gibbs at No. 12 and Jack Campbell at No. 18 weren't viewed favorably by the masses, but paired with second-round picks Brian Branch and Sam LaPorta, Detroit fielded one of the best rookie classes in the NFL last season.

Of course, it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows since 2000. The Lions have made 14 top-10 picks since the turn of the millennia and have had mixed results. A couple of Hall of Famers are surrounded by an uncomfortable number of busts.

Even more concerning is Detroit's track record with picks in the second half of the first round. It seems far too often the Lions took the wrong player and found themselves drafting in the top 10 once again the following season.

The gallery below looks at each of the Detroit Lions's 29 first-round picks over the past 23 NFL Drafts. This list will be updated once the Lions make their 2024 selection.

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