It seems that these days money doesn't go that far, especially when you're trying to make ends meet with transportation, bills, food, etc.

According to WILX, one township wants to give its part time workers a big raise.

Delta Township has a plan that would bring their hourly rate up to $15.00 an hour as soon as next year.

Their budget for the 2020 fiscal year was approved more than a month ago but there's still some money to spend.

The township decided that extra cash should go right back to the people working there. A lot of part-time workers in Delta Township aren't making enough to support themselves.

Part-timers within the township are working in the fire department and parks and recreation, as well as other seasonal jobs, working in services where many employees feel that they're being taken for granted.

The board is meeting behind closed doors to discuss the wage increase. If they agree on it they'll work on amending the budget for the next fiscal year.

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