What is going on around here? This is the third article I've written regarding yet another woman from Michigan winning big from the Michigan lottery.

The anonymous winner won a cool $1 million dollars by accidentally purchasing a Lucky X50 ticket instead of her regular game that she always plays.

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How did this all play out for this Delta County woman? Check it out at mlive.com:

“When I stopped at the store to buy a Lottery ticket, the clerk told me they had just sold out of the game I typically play, so I decided to buy a Lucky X50 ticket instead,” said the 65-year-old winner who chose to remain anonymous. “I scratched the ticket later that day and when I saw that I’d won $1 million, I started crying.”

This is unbelievable to say the least. If I ever had a chance to win $1 million dollars, I would cry too. I would cry and laugh all the way to my bank and then I would tell all my friends I'm a MILLIONAIRE!

You know what's even funnier then that, my friends wouldn't believe me anyway!

I have to work on some sort of game plan and start buying my lottery tickets from places I'm not very familiar with. How do these people get so lucky? So many Michiganders buy lottery tickets and yet the odds of winning are astronomically impossible.

So now we have another $1 million dollar winner from Michigan who wants to remain anonymous. And she won by playing a different lottery game.

What does our new Michigan Millionaire plan on doing with her winnings? This from mlive.com:

The winner bought her Lucky X50 ticket at the North Bluff Grocery, located at 6287 M-35 in Gladstone. She visited lottery headquarters recently to claim her prize. She elected to receive her prize as a one-time, lump-sum payment of $693,000 rather than the annuity. With her winnings, she plans on helping others.

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