The town of Delaware is located in the Keewenaw Peninsula in the U.P. and is referred to as an unincorporated community.

Delaware began in 1846 as a mining town with around 100 residents and grew to 1,200 at it's copper-mining peak. The town's businesses and homes all sprouted thanks to the mining companies, who financed the entire thing; they built homes for the miners and constructed a church, grocery store, mining buildings and schools, all of which there are only two buildings left. They stand all alone along Highway 41.

However, just north of these two buildings, along Delaware Road, is the old Delaware mine, where tours are available.

The town was vacated when the mining (and lumber) trade dwindled. Any attempt by former townsfolk to keep the town going was thwarted by non-interest by the majority and lack of funding.

Delaware has the distinction of being named "The Snow Capital of the Midwest", thanks to it's average snowfall of 240 inches per year, the record being 390 in 1978-1979.

As seen in the pictures below, Delaware is desolate and lonely. Take a drive-thru and take pictures of these last two remaining structures while they're still never know when someone will decide to tear 'em down, therefore eliminating any proof that a town once called Delaware even existed.

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