In Onota Township within the Upper Peninsula's Alger County, lies the once-upon-a-time village of Deerton. It remains an unincorporated community and, aside from the post office and school, is basically a ghost town.

In 1882, Deerton began life as Deerton Station, a stop on the Detroit, Mackinac and Marquette Railroad. The rails have been ripped up since then, with the trail still cutting through what's left of the town. No railroad, no business. The town became mostly deserted.

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Not much is left in Deerton; many abandoned homes (SEE PHOTOS BELOW) dot Deerton Road leading to what was once the downtown area. However, a post office is still there and has been operating since 1922. Also, the renowned & respected AuTrain-Onota school is there, teaching kids Kindergarten thru junior high. But where do they live? The area is so sparse.

Older kids attend either Marquette, Munising, or Superior Central.

The Deerton Cemetery was established in 1903, when settlers Victor Hongisto and Elias Johnson donated part of their land for burials. It's located on the west side of Deerton Road.

Take a drive to Deerton seems like a lonely place, with a handful of deserted houses and no shops or stores whatsoever. Make sure you snag some pictures or videos!



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