Who remembers Deer Acres?

This abandoned amusement park is located at 2346 N Huron Rd, Pinconning. It had a Storybook Land, rides, animals, fairy tale characters and much more for the amusement of kids and their families.

Did your parents ever take you there when you were a kid? Or did you take your own kids?

Either way, the place has been closed down now, only occasionally opening up for classic car shows, etc. But the Storybook / Fairy Tale atmosphere seems to be shunned, partly in fact that modern computer graphic technology makes these attractions look ancient and out-of-date for today's children.

Is that true? I find it difficult to believe that the innocent wonder of children eight-years-old and younger is completely non-existent.


Keep updated on if & when Deer Acres will ever re-open, as well as any special events they may have for 2018 on their webpage by CLICKING HERE.

Also check out their Facebook page.


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