Well, welcome to the club..ME!

I have now joined the ranks of those who have hit a deer and caused damage to their cars.

I have lived in Michigan my entire life. I know how to drive and look out for deer; I am always on alert for that.  Also, I know the rule: if you see one deer there are usually  more to follow.

Thursday night driving home from my second job, it was dark and I was driving the speed limit and yes wearing my seat belt. I saw the deer running in front of the car I was behind.  I immediately hit the breaks, as did the car in front of me. The deer ended up slamming into the side of that car, and flying into my car then I ran it over.

My car suffered the most damage, front light smashed, and drivers side banged up, which makes it hard to open the drivers door. Hopeful that insurance will take care of that.

Want to send out a big thank you to Ingham County Deputy Torok. The officer could not have been nicer.  His first concern was that we were okay. Bottom line, he made me feel better about a bad situation, so thanks again to Deputy Torok.

Now, time to call the insurance company, (joy).

Now when I say "watch out for deer," I really mean it.

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