Courtesy of Capitol Records

Q: Settle a bet. Is the Beatle song DAY TRIPPER a drug song? Yes or no?

A: Sure, why not. DAY TRIPPER's lyrics were John Lennon's first obvious reference to LSD in a song. When the single first came out, it was believed to be about a hooker; it can also be interpreted as John razzing Paul about being hesitant to try LSD (Paul was the last of the four to try it). Lennon wrote most of the song with a little help from Paul, who sings lead; it's another example of a Beatle song mainly written by one but sung by another as in the above-mentioned EIGHT DAYS A WEEK. In 1974 Lennon said the DAY TRIPPER riff was inspired by the 1961 Bobby Parker single “Watch Your Step.” DAY TRIPPER peaked at #5 in early 1966.