Here we go again…Daylight Savings Time.

What are we saving?
Who is trying to save it?
Why do we fall back and spring forward?

"I can't believe Michigan still has something as stupid as Daylight Savings Time!"

Sure, in the fall we love getting that extra hour, but what’s the point of having to switch our clocks in November only to change them back only FOUR MONTHS LATER?

I've read a handful of, EXCUSES...why we have it. One of these that doesn't make any sense is "so it'll be light in the morning when children go to school." GUESS AGAIN. When we turn the clock AHEAD one hour, the morning ACTUALLY BECOMES DARKER when the kids go to throw THAT excuse out the window.

These and other factions about DST have been puzzling Americans for years, and even MORE so now. More and more of our population is getting fed up with the whole idea of DST and they can’t get a straight answer why we still have it. Sure, there are reasons that are given but the keyword here is REASONS…PLURAL. We hear a handful of so-called "reasons” why we have it but no definitive ones…more and more, these are sounding like excuses rather than legitimate reasons…or easy answers just to shut us up so we'll stop asking.

Sorry, all you fans of DST...but this is one of the most nonsensical things Michigan does....SO stupid, in fact, that I wouldn't be surprised if some fat cat is making money from it.  (LOL)

I say get rid of it once and for all.

Read an excellent article on the argument about Daylight Savings Time (on by CLICKING HERE.

How do you REALLY feel about it?
Yay or nay???