Michigan is in the Top Ten states whose residents include their dogs in their Halloween fun. It used to be fun dressing up, then dressing the kids up.....now more & more Americans are embarrassing their pets by making them wear silly costumes.

This is called FUN.

Here is the list of the Top 25 states that include their dogs on Halloween:
1.  Virginia
2.  New Jersey
3.  Pennsylvania
4.  South Carolina
5.  Missouri
6.  Ohio
7.  New York
8.  Wisconsin
9.  Michigan 
10.  Oklahoma
11.  Louisiana
12.  Kentucky
13.  Arizona
14.  Georgia
15.  Massachusetts
16.  Tennessee
17.  Florida
18.  West Virginia
19.  Indiana
20.  Washington
21.  Iowa
22.  Nevada
23.  North Carolina
24.  South Dakota
25.  Texas

64% of us dress our dogs up. Other rankings:
Greet Trick-or-Treaters at the door with their dog:  43%
Give their dog extra treats during Halloween:  57%
Take their dog to doggy parades or gatherings:  21%
Bring their dog trick-or-treating:  36%

What do dogs prefer for THEIR Halloween treats?
52% of large dogs -- meat and meat jerky treats
47% - 59% of small and non-sporting dogs -- soft and chewy treats
53% - 57% of hounds prefer biscuits and crunchy treats.So stock up on dawg biscuits while yer buyin' those bags of Kit Kat bars! Ya never know who - or what - will show up at your door.....