Today - February 29 - marks the FIRST anniversary of the passing of Monkee member Davy Jones, who died FOUR years ago. That's right...Davy left us on Leap Year Day, 2012 and today is officially the FIRST anniversary of his death.

Michigan rivaled all other states for having the most fans of The Monkees during their heyday, from 1966-1968...pretty impressive. Why? Michigan is a Rock 'n Roll state (and country, but we won't get into that!) and we love our Rock & Pop music heritage.

So, for all you past & present Mid-Michigan Monkee fans, check out these two videos, honoring the late Davy Jones, who may not have been the most talented singer or musician, but left us with lotsa funny moments on TV as well as music all generations still love...and he was a helluva nice guy, too.

The above video is a memorial tribute, and the one below is his last interview in 2011.