If there's one sport I really enjoy playing, I would have to say golf. Nothing is better than playing 18 holes of golf with a buddy or two and really enjoying all the beauty each challenging golf course has to offer.

I've been playing golf now for over 20 years and I'm still horrible, but I really love the game and can't wait to T-off at the next golf course.

Here's my list of favorite Michigan golf courses. Keep in mind that I don't do a lot of traveling throughout Michigan, so most of my favorite courses are local.

6. Groesbeck Golf Course. I really enjoy playing at Groesbeck. It's a city course that's been around for many years and it's still very challenging to play. It's an 18 hole regulation length course.

5. Centennial Acres in Sunfield. This is another very beautiful golf course that lies on acres of scenic country. The last time I played at Centennial Acres was about 10 years ago and all I remember is how much fun I had and how many balls I lost in one day (10).

4. Forest Akers East. I love this course a lot. For some reason I can play really well on this course. The fairways and greens are kept up so well. I also like the fact that they offer one on one instruction so I can get a lesson or two to help out my game.

3. Bucks Run in Mount Pleasant. I've only played this golf course once and loved every minute of it. Bucks Run is absolutely beautiful. It reminded me a lot of Hawk Hollow. Golfers come from all over the state to play at Bucks Run. This course features river frontage, lakes and natural wetlands coming into play.

2. Eldorado Golf Course. Out of all the golf courses on my favorites list, I play at Eldorado most of the time. This is a 27 hole course broken down to Red, White, and Blue. They have a large multi level driving range so you can practice on your game. Very challenging golf course.

1. Hawk Hollow. I love this course! Hawk Hollow is another beautiful course which features twenty seven holes of Championship Golf. This course is rated 4.5 out of 5 starts by golf digest and listed among the top 200 places to play.

There's my list of favorite Michigan golf courses. If you have a favorite that didn't make my list, please let me know by sending a message on our station app. Thank you!

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