For the past several days, my wife and I have been researching all the information we can about parasailing.  Our anniversary is coming up later in August, so we decided to explore the unknown, parasailing in Mackinaw City.

Parasailing is a recreational kiting activity where a person or persons are towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed canopy wing that reminds one of a parachute.  The activity is primarily a fun ride, not to be confused with the sport of paragliding.

There are commercial parasailing operations all over the world.  Land based parasailing has also been transformed into a competition sport in Europe.  The sport was developed in the early 80's and has been very popular ever since.

We looked into parasailing at Mackinac Island vs Mackinaw city sometime during our anniversary vacation.  My wife Lori, generally speaking, is afraid of heights.  Based on her own free will, she gave me two thumbs up on parasailing at Mackinaw City.

We plan on taking pictures during this fun event as well.  We're sure that once we are in the air, it will be a very breathtaking view of the entire Mackinaw area!