At the beginning of every new year, I collect calendars from various locations throughout the Mid-Michigan area.  This has been a hobby of mine for the past several years.

You would not believe the different types of calendars we receive every year. Everything from scenic Michigan calendars, animal calendars, gardening calendars, armed forces calendars, home improvement calendars, even charity calendars from all over the area.

People often ask me the same question, what do you do with all of the calendars?  Simple, I hang many of them up around the building here at Townsquare Media.  I give some away to a few co-workers looking for calendars and I really enjoy looking at each and every one that I receive from the listening audience.

So please, send in your calendars c/o Danny Stewart at 3420 Pine Tree Rd. Lansing, Michigan 48911.  Or you can just stop by the radio station anytime Monday through Friday and leave them at the front desk.

Every year, we receive anywhere from 60 to 80 calendars from our loyal WFMK listeners.  So keep them coming so that I can reach my goal of at least 60 calendars for the new year.  Thank you!