(Updated 05-13-2020) 

How many Lansing Area dance clubs can you recall?

Bus Stop,
Rainbow Ranch,
Mac's Hidden Camel,
CJ Barrymore's,
Silver Dollar Saloon,
The Brewery,
Bobby G's,

Outer Limits and more.

Dance (disco) clubs were plentiful in the Lansing area and even though I prefer Rock 'n Roll, I havta admit I frequented some of these places. Spend a few hours there, hit Pinball Pete's for an hour of games, then head to Denny's or Big Boy for a bite. Fun nights!

How about you? Which ones do you remember fondly, which ones are extinct, how MANY do you recall?

Click this Lansing State Journal link and read this article from a few years ago they did on the Lansing dance clubs of the past!

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