Did you buy any dairy products from 2003 up to this year? Of course you did...and that makes you entitled to get yourself some cash.

Thanks to the unnecessary slaughtering of half a million cows - for greed purposes - dairy producers will be shelling out $52 million to settle a lawsuit that accuses them of eliminating 500,000 dairy cows just so they could hike up the prices on dairy products!


Like I said...GREED. Once the cattle were exterminated and the milk supply was reduced (and in demand), dairy producers were able to raise prices.

And boy, are the Animal Rights people MAD.

Now, about money that could be coming to YOU:
It's not a great sum - it could be anywhere from $5 to $15. And all you have to do is answer a few questions. You can do so by CLICKING HERE and seeing the form.

To find out more about this whole price-fixing scheme, read the Huffington Post story by CLICKING HERE. You'll also see a list of dairy products that will make you eligible to get a few bucks.

Good luck!

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