If you wanna see these daffodils, you better hustle.

Thousands of daffodils - fifteen thousand, in fact - are in bloom behind the old J.J. Jamokes restaurant in Caro, up in the thumb. They're easy to miss, because they lie in the extensive gardens behind the restaurant...so if you visit, you havta find the restaurant, park in the lot, get out and walk behind it. If you get there at the right time of year, you won't regret it.....if you like daffodils, that is.

Horticulturists say daffodils are among the easiest to grow...and if you can't grow daffodils, you might as well hang up gardening all together. There are three common types of daffodils, all found in these gardens: trumpet-shaped, White Narcissi and yellow Jonquil (SEE THE PHOTO GALLERY ABOVE).

They're at their best from the end of April thru the second/third week of May...so if ya wanna see 'em, ya better hurry!

But if you don't get there in time, it's still a favorite place for many to walk the gardens and nature trails any time of year.

It'll make a nice weekend jaunt if ya wanna get there while the daffodils are in bloom...the old restaurant is located at 1354 Mertz Rd, Caro, and the gardens are right behind it!

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