Here's another stop for you all: the Cut River bridge on Route 2 in the U.P.

The construction on the bridge began in 1941 but slowed down considerably, thanks to World War II and the need for steel. After the war, construction resumed in 1946 and the bridge was completed in 1947.

Courtesy of Google Maps

This picture shows the bridge and park. This is not just any old bridge...there are wooden stairways that go all the way down to the bottom and underneath the bridge...once you're under the bridge and traffic (especially trucks) drives across, it can be pretty scary. Just pull into the park on the east side of the bridge, park (picnic if ya want) and then take the trail down to the bottom. Round trip walk takes about half an hour.


Courtesy of Google Maps

Needless to say, it's exhilarating, scary, fun and will wear you out by the time you traipse back up to your car. This picture shows the location in the U.P.

What makes this bridge so historical? Read all about this Michigan site that is listed as a historical landmark by CLICKING HERE.

Then, add it to your places to see on your next Michigan roadtrip!