Years ago I was told by locals that this cabin in the woods was used by General George Armstrong Custer as a retreat. I know that history and facts can get twisted over the years but there is also a lot of truth in many of these. Can this one be factual?

We know that General Custer was from the Monroe area - there's even a statue in town commemorating his legacy - and that he made many trips through the Mid-Michigan area. But was THIS one of his private stops?

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Without divulging the exact location - because it's on private land - I will say that it's between Lansing & Jackson, off a main highway and tucked away in the woods not far from the side road; in fact, when the leaves fall it's easier to see.

I'm posting this because I'm sure there are locals who have heard or know about this...whether it's a historical fact or not.

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I hope it is.