t’s been called the Juddville Cemetery, New Lothrop Cemetery, and Lennon Cemetery. True, it’s near all these small Michigan towns…but the official name of this graveyard is Cummin Cemetery, located on N. New Lothrop Road between Juddville Road and Cronk Road.

The graveyard sits in a wooded area out in Shiawassee County’s farmland countryside near Misteguay Creek and Rush Creek.

The rumored hauntings seem to happen if you visit the graveyard past midnight…isn’t that when everything’s the scariest? The curious few who tried this claim to have heard screaming and seen weird lights from within the woods.

Another rumor that seems a little far-fetched is the sighting of ghostly KKK figures in the trees. Also if you attempt to enter, a human apparition with glowing red eyes will run toward you, swinging its arms…..now that’s bizarre. You’d have to see for yourself and draw your own conclusion.

Driving down the road, some curious visitors say they’ve been followed by car lights that suddenly disappear. Clusters of orbs have been photographed and others say it’s always foggy at night, which I find hard to believe.

What causes these weird things? Well, duh, it’s a cemetery…dead people, of course.

If you attempt a visit, do it safely during the day; if at night, make sure you obey all (if any) “No Trespassing” signs and cemetery hours.

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