A haunted dam?

Some believe so. And it's just northwest of here in Newaygo County, in the town of Croton.

The Croton Dam was constructed in 1907 by William D. Fargo and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.....and, as with many historic places, it is said to be haunted.


According to books.google.com, back in the 1970's, a boy was fishing (some say playing) on top of the dam when he accidentally slipped and fell smack into the turbine engines. Needless to say, he didn't survive.

The Croton Dam is a favorite place to fish for steelheads and many fishermen who have frequented the area claim they've seen the apparition of the boy at the top of the dam, weeping....TEN FEET ABOVE THE WALL.

These sightings take place in the early morning hours before the sun comes up, and dam lights at the top reveal the boy's figure.

As unnerving as it may sound, the fishermen don't seem afraid of this spectral figure; it's said that whoever sees the boy's apparition will have a very good, prosperous day.

So, ya wanna go fishin'? Check out the photo gallery below and see pictures of the dam and how to get there.

Take US-96 west to Grand Rapids.
Get on M-37 north all the way to Newaygo.
Once you cross the Muskegon River, turn right on Croton Drive.
Croton is a few miles down the road.

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