What's up with all of these crazy creepy clown sightings?  Now the creepy clown craze has hit MSU in East Lansing.

Apparently, a photo of a clown holding balloons outside a dormitory surfaced on social media.  Students said a mob of clown hunters struck out to fight the creepy clown, but were unable to locate any clowns.

An MSU freshman said he and some friends were in the courtyard of Wilson Hall at around midnight, climbing trees and doing related hooligan shenanigans, when a woman in a window above the courtyard screamed that she had seen a clown.

Within 15 minutes about 200 students were running around the courtyard looking for the clown.  Someone called police, and an investigation ultimately determined the reported sighting was a hoax.   Here's more on the MSU creepy clown sighting from the Lansing State Journal.