What was this creature doing here?

Hikers on the Potawatomi Trail near Pinckney came across this animal, just wandering through the woods, looking for something to munch, or maybe trying to find its home.

It's an emu! Emus somewhat resemble ostriches, can't fly, and are native to Australia, and the odd thing is, there don't seem to be any emu farms near that particular area. If it was from a farm, it wandered quite a distance. Yoke Farms in Okemos has emus, 37 miles away. So does the Wallin Emu Ranch in Thompsonville, 215 miles away.

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So the question remains: where did this emu come from?
Is it someone's pet?
Did it escape or wander away from an emu farm?
Or have some been let loose and now they're breeding in the wild?

Check out the photos and video below!

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