Q: Isn't the Cowsills song "Indian Lake" about the one in Michigan? I always heard it was. Also, didn't one of The Cowsills die during Hurricane Katrina? Which one?

A: 1) The "Indian Lake" that the Cowsills sang about in 1968 was rumored to be about Michigan's northern Indian Lake (in the UP near Manistique) but it's believed to be about the lake in upper New York state. 2) Barry Cowsill was the member of the group that died during Hurricane Katrina; he was just 51 years old. In August 2005 he was living in New Orleans when the hurricane hit; his sister Susan discovered a voicemail message from Barry, who sounded very distressed – and he was never heard from again. His body was found washed up on the Mississippi River and was identified only by dental records; death was ruled by drowning. The Cowsills released a total of 20 singles from 1965 to 1993; only eight of those made the Hot 100 and four of those made the Top 40: THE RAIN, THE PARK AND OTHER THINGS (#2, 1967), WE CAN FLY (#21, 1968), INDIAN LAKE (#10, 1968) and HAIR (#2, 1969).