Shopping at the Eastwood Towne Center used to be so fun, you could spend the day hitting  the many stores and then having lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants located there.

One of my most favorite spots was Schulers Books.  In fact my last time there I was so busy browsing the bookstore I lost track of time.  My 'pop in' to buy a new book, ended up with me being at the store for over 2 hours.  True story.

It's just not the same browsing for books in a big box store where books are just an aisle away from pots and pans.  I miss that book store so much.

Some clothing stores that used to be so busy, closed up,  that includes stores like Justice, Forever 21, and Jos A. Banks.  My husband and I stopped into JA Banks to do some shopping and found out that the day we were there  was the start of their store closing sale. The closing of Pier 1 Imports, another favorite, also took me by surprise

Eastwood Towne Center had some really great restaurants that have since shut down.  Catina Eastwood, Max and Erma's, and my favorite Claddagh Irish Pub. Their food was amazing, loved their burgers and fried fish.

Last week while I was killing time online I saw that Yankee Candle was having a great sale, so I stated shopping and putting items in my cart when I deleted it all and went shopping in person at the candle store.  Imagine my shock when I went into the store and was told that Yankee Candle would be closing the Eastwood location.  Seriously, how can you expect me to buy candles on line, I can't even smell them first!  That business, which had already shut down their Meridian Mall store, will be closed by mid January.

If we are not careful we will lose even more.

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