How can anyone not be concerned about Covid-19 and the delta variant? I'm very concerned about numbers going back up, especially the number of fully vaccinated individuals who are being hospitalized.

My wife and I just got back this week from celebrating our wedding anniversary in Mackinaw City and Petoskey. While we were at both locations celebrating, we saw very few people wearing masks.

But yet when you see what's going on with fully vaccinated people being put in hospitals because of the delta variant, you would think the smart thing to do is to start wearing your masks again.

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According to

In the last 30 days, vaccinated individuals in Michigan have represented 23.4% cases, 28.1% of hospitalizations, and nearly 15.4% of COVID-19 deaths, according to data from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. That's 6,151 out of 26,272 total cases, 198 out of 704 total hospitalizations, and 10 out of 65 deaths.

What we all get out of this is fully vaccinated or not, you could be hit by the delta variant or some other form of coronavirus strain and still end up in the hospital.

And because my wife and I are fully vaccinated, we both feel like we should continue wearing our masks, but most often, we don't wear them as if we were taking a chance of being hit by a dangerous virus.

Speaking of fully vaccinated, here's what had to say:

Between Jan. 15 and July 28, a six-month period, the fully vaccinated population in Michigan made up 9,718 of the 398,302 COVID-19 cases, or 2.4%. They made up 643 of 11,691 the hospitalizations, or 5.5%, and 246 of the 4,888 COVID-19 deaths, or 5%.

This whole thing gets a bit confusing even though COVID-19 booster shots will be available beginning September 20.

And we're not even sure how that's all going to turn out either. Your best bet right now is to use common sense. Wear your mask if it makes you feel safer and continue social distancing if you can. This is all we can do for now other than vaccinating more and more people. There are no guarantees!

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