This downsizing, "saving-money-so-company-bigwigs-can-make-more-money" is getting ridiculous.

Robots & machines are slowly pushing - yes, PUSHING - mortals out of work. It's like something out of a sci-fi flick.

Have you ever worked in a fast-food restaurant? It ain't fun - it ain't pretty - and you & your clothes wind up stinking terribly at the end of the day. Even though working in a fast-food place is deemed by some as being lowly, it actually is a job that warrants larger paychecks than are being handed out....not to the owners, mind you, but the regular employees.

So to alleviate paying out more money to trustworthy, hard-working employees, some companies are basically saying "screw you" to their employees and getting these robot cashiers to handle customers.

The article I have attached concerns touch-screen cashiers that are being used by some fast-food chains.

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The wrong people are running companies. Period.