The story of Cops & Doughnuts Bakery in Clare is fast becoming deep fried, delicious Michigan folklore.   In 2009, the Clare City Bakery was about to go out of business, but several full time employees at the Clare Police Department decided they couldn't let the bakery's 113 year history end.

Each kicked in $1,500 to keep it afloat.  They renamed it Cops & Doughnuts and gave it a badge shaped sign by a pink frosted doughnut.

According to the Lansing State Journal,  Cops & Doughnuts employs 60 workers in Clare and is buying bakeries in other cities as well.

More than 500,000 people visited the bakery in 2015, and it sold an all time high 1,200 dozen of its signature raised doughnut products on Sept 5, the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  That's more than 14,000 chunks of glazed goodness.