Didja know about the Michigan western town of Coopersville?

It's an entire western downtown - kinda like Dodge City - that is a hidden Michigan roadside gem...not many people know about it! But still, Coopersville attracts many tourists each year.

This little town within the woods has all the establishments you'd come to expect from an old west town: saloon, blacksmith, livery stable, boarding house, general store, sheriff's office, courthouse, bordello, post office, Boot Hill cemetery, boot shop, feed & grain store, cafe, shoot-outs, bakery, trading post, chapel, and actors dressed as The Lone Ranger, John Wayne, Annie Oakley and other western characters.

Now, just exactly WHERE is it?

Coopersville is located in Oscoda County, about 23 miles northeast of Grayling at 1860 Fire Tower Road, south of Griffin Road.

This is a fun, hidden stop to make on your next Michigan roadtrip...perfect for families, or anyone who likes to explore these little-known Michigan oddities and attractions. Check out the photos below and then make the trek...!

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