It’s hard to fathom that some of these crazy contraception methods were actually believed to work. Listed below are forms of birth control that were (some still are) practiced around the world through the centuries FOR ENTERTAINMENT & INFORMATION PURPOSE ONLY. I have intentionally omitted some of the more dangerous ones…so here goes:

1) Wear a leather pouch containing a cat’s liver on your left foot
2) Squat & sneeze
3) Jump backwards seven times
4) Spit into a frog’s mouth three times
5) Turn the wheel of a grain mill backwards four times at midnight
6) Don’t sleep in the moonlight
7) Walk over the graves of dead female ancestors
8) Wooden block shaped like a six-sided doorknob 
9) Hold your breath
10) Turtle shell condoms
11) Don’t look at the moon
12) Rub spit on your stomach
13) Sleep on your stomach
14) Breast-feed up to three years
15) Wear a bone from the right side of a black cat around your neck

1) Acacia fruit
2) Animal intestines tied with ribbon
3) Beaver testicle tea
4) Cabbage
5) Crocodile poop
6) Gold & silver
7) Honey, acacia leaves and lint
8) Lemon peel
9) Mule earwax
10) Oil, celery & beer
11) Onion juice
12) Pomegranates
13) Queen Anne’s Lace
14) Rabbit butts
15) Silkworm gut
16) Soda pop
17) Tar
18) Thimble
19) Weasel testicle necklace

To read more – and to find out how some of these were actually used – try the following sites:

Use your brain and DO NOT USE or ATTEMPT any of these, as they are useless and could be harmful. Always check with the doc on the correct procedure to use!!!


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