Coffee. Cats. What goes together better?

You've never heard of such a thing? Well, you have now.

The Constellation Cat Cafe' is now open. It's not just a coffee shop, but a care center/shelter for homeless cats.

According to owner Kelsey Maccombs, it's “succeeding as a place where people looking for pets can spend quality time with cats who need forever homes.”

The Constellation Cat Cafe' is equipped with the usual things you'd find in a coffee shop, but what you won't find at the others are cute cats & kittens behind large glass windows watching you as you relax with your coffee.

On on wall is a sign, "This coffee saves cats." The felines lounge on plush mats, have scratching posts, plenty of food, and toys...but they're waiting to be taken home and loved. You can even enter the cat room and play with the cats!

It's located at 3320 E. Lake Lansing Rd. in East Lansing. Stop in for coffee, pastries, and cute kitty-cats! There is SO much more to find out, and you can do so at or or on their Facebook page.


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