President Donald Trump is returning to Michigan this weekend for an evening rally in Macomb County.  If you plan to go, here is what you need to know.

The President will be speaking in Macomb County at 7pm on Saturday.   If you are going, door open to the public at 4pm at Total Sports Park on Powell Road.

Members of the public can rsvp at Trumps campaign website.

Sources are saying here is what you can expect, The president will most likely be sharing his thoughts on the media, since this rally coincides with the annual White House Correspondents Association annual dinner in Washington D.C.

The Presidents Chief Operating Officer for the Trump campaign, said in a statement "while the fake news media will be celebrating themselves with the denizens of  Washington society in the swamp that evening, President Trump will be in a completely different Washington, celebrating our national economic revival with patriotic Americans."

The President also plans to highlight his economic policies at the rally, including his support of deregulation and tax cuts.

This is Mr. Trumps 11th visit to Michigan since 2015, and his fifty rally in Detroit.

President Trump Holds Roundtable Discussion On Tax Reform In Hialeah, Florida
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