It's a big week for nerds (And I say that lovingly) First, the series ending episode of "Big Bang Theory" is tonight. THEN - Motor City Comic Con starts tomorrow at the giant Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. The list of big name celebrities who will be appearing has been trickling out for months. We now have the final list, courtesy of our friends at Looks like it's going to be a good Comic Con.

"Big Bangs" Sheldon and Leonard would be there, I think - if they weren't fictional.

MLive has a list of their Top Ten celebs stopping by. Here are my Top Ten (in no order):


Lou Ferrigno - "The Incredible Hulk"

Henry Thomas - Elliott in "E.T."

Shawn Michaels - WWE Superstar

Elizabeth Berkley - Farmington Hills, Michigan  native and star of "Saved By the Bell"

Star Trek icons George Takei and Jonathan Frakes

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