So...this guy is skiing, right? And as he's looking down - probably at his feet - he notices these long, skinny worms on top of the snow.

"Oh" - he sez to himself - "these worms must have bored through the snow from the ground below."

To which the worms said, "Guess again, Sherlock."

THOUSANDS of worms were on top of the snow; and this guy thought they were he picks a couple up and they start squirmin' in his hands. Where did these worms come from? Are they some sort of breed that can survive the freezing weather?

Well, no. These worms actually rained down from the Norway, of all places.

And on top of that, this earthworm rain phenomenon has been happening since the 1920's. Read this weird news story - and see the actual picture of deez woims - by CLICKING HERE.

Let's go ice fishin'!