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Courtesy of Google Maps
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Even though this looks like it may very well have been a motel at one time, it's formerly known as Kulp Court Apartments and Webster Apartments. Columbia Courts Apartments has reportedly been around for well over 100 years, with small units that may mean the families who lived there over the past century didn't have much cash to spend on larger also means it's possible that many people grew old and passed away in some of these units. And some spectres of passed residents are believed to be seen & heard on occasion.

1) Heavy footsteps are heard in empty units.

2) Knocking on doors with no one in sight.

3) Lights turn on & off by themselves.

4) Locked doors open by themselves.

5) One particular unseen entity likes to feel, grope & touch females.

6) Sounds of kitchenware, plates and stove-wear being thrown and broken in the kitchens of current residents. When checked, the kitchen shows no signs of anything broken or in disarray.

7) Unusual cold spots.

8) Whispering can be heard coming out of thin air.

9) Yelling and screaming from unseen entities in empty units, possibly cause by the spirits of residents who had a history of arguing.

Check into a unit for yourself and's located just off the interstate 194, at 504 E. Columbia Avenue, Battle Creek. Call (269) 966-1538 and see if the owner/manager(s) will let you do an investigation.