Here ya go...good food, classic 1950's diner, Coca-Cola memorabilia and a bottle cap museum all wrapped up into one fun place to stop.

Dawson & Stevens Classic 50's Diner, is located at 231 Michigan Avenue in Grayling and it has one of the largest collection of Coca-Cola collectibles in the country. Not only that, but you can gaze in awe at the bottle cap museum at the same time.

There are over 10,000 Coke items to soak in and they have an authentic 1950's soda fountain.....if you buy a Coke you'll get a free refill. And they serve Michigan-made ice cream!

Burgers, fries, dogs...all the food that made the 1950's great! Add this to your Michigan roadtrip as a place to stop for a bite to eat. You won't be sorry!