Creepy stuff going on at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant. The campus was established in 1892 and since then it's supposedly become a hotbed of paranormal activity.

No matter which building on campus you visit or explore, there's something spooky goin' on.

The ghost of an 18-19 year old student named Carolyn died under unknown circumstances and haunted the halls of Bernard Hall as she roams in her nightgown. Bernard Hall has since been torn down but her ghost still lingers, and is seen wandering through the new dorm that was built on the grounds of Bernard; she is also seen drifting around the Park Library Pond. 

In 1938, Theresa Schumacher suffered a head injury and dropped dead near the elevator of Warriner Hall. Her head had become trapped in the elevator shaft and the elevator car came down on it and strangled her to death. Why the car came down upon her was never figured out. Since then, it's said that the elevator doors open & close by themselves, thanks to Theresa's ghost. Her footsteps can be heard going up & down the central staircase.....and when she chooses to be seen, she appears in the form of a blue light. 

Another young student, named Emily, also died on the campus around Powers Hall in the 1930's. It's said that her body currently lies buried beneath a piano-shaped hedge in the foyer of Powers Hall. Some say they have heard ghostly piano music echoing throughout the hall. 

In the Carlin Alumni House, workers in the basement hear poundings within the basement walls, heavy footsteps upstairs at all hours of the night, toilets flushing by themselves and the deep, dark, low laugh of a man was heard as the place was being locked up for the night.   

Students report other creepy happenings in Beddow Hall, Barnes Hall, Cobb Hall and Woldt Dorma.

Know anyone that went to Central? Ask 'em for yourself!
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